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Why do we care so much about urban life? 

Why do we need a tea for urban living?

Why such a tea has to made from tropical herbs?

Let's begin with the cause.


One of the inevitable mega trends which foreseen the movement of people towards cities, births in urban areas and developments of formerly rural peri-urban settlements. The consequences is that there will be more people living in urban are more than rural area.

UNESCO forecasts that by 2030, 60% of the world's population will live in urban environments.

World Urbanization Trends, 1950-2030

World Urbanisation Trends, 1950-2030.png

Urban and rural population of the world, 1950-2050

Urban and rural population of the world

The global trend in urbanization is not the same in all parts of the world. Developing countries in Asia and Africa currently have the highest rates of urbanization. The reasons seem to be obvious: 1) Lack of resources in rural areas, 2) Quality of life in urban areas is better than in rural areas, and 3) High birth rates while decrease in death rates. Now we shall talk about quality of life.

Quality of Life

Quality of life is an integration of subjective life-satisfaction factors. Therefore, there are surveys to find matrix which indicates how well each city is able to provide its people such a satisfaction.

Some institute, such as Economist Intelligence Unit, measures at country level using: GDP per capita, life expectancy at birth, divorce rates, the state of political freedoms, unemployment rate, climate, crime and terrorism risk, gender equality, and corruption ratings (Where-To-Be-Born Index, previously called the Quality-of-Life Index, QLI by )

While Monocle Magazine has been conducting quality of life surveys at city level, yearly. To find top 25 cities to live in. The matrix, however regularly reviewed, usually includes: housing price, number of parks, crime happen in previous year, how many kilometer of cycling lane, international connections, down to cost of a glass of wine.

Downside of Urban life

Not everyone can afford high quality of life cities. Even had we live in there, we still have to work to pay the bills. Mega cities in developing countries know this well. Although, most of cities provide a better quality of life than living in rural area. But its people still have to live with drawbacks, which come in several forms. Affects the citizen physically and emotionally; noise, air quality, insufficient of public services, crimes, discrimination, and so on. Top cities may have passed-through this phase. While new urbanized cities in emerging country still have to thrive on.


Stream down to individual's concern, Living and working in city and be challenging. Long hours working in office, stressful situations, high targets, tight timeline, tough colleagues, rush hour, traffic, worries, office syndrome, such and such. That's our expense of living in the city.

Urban Elixir

We, people in Tropical Green Line also are urban citizen by native. We suffer those urban downside as much as everyone does. So we cerebrate for a solution that helps urban people live in the city with a better condition (better quality of life). Here come the "URBAN ELIXIR" concept. It's positioned to be the first choice of drink that would ease urban toxin, restore the balance to this hectic lifestyle. And the drink would speak urban language to urban people. Meaning, the drink must be designed to answer urban lifestyle. This concept crystallized to be immersé tea.

In Tea Bag

Some people might perceive that tea is not fit with urban lifestyle. It takes time and effort for preparation. That is one side of the coin. On the contrary, while you are preparing your tea, it is the time that you can take it slow, do it at your own pace, be with yourself. That's for starter.


Next, tea bag give you an advantage to store easily compare to ready-to-drink (RTD) bottle. Lighter weight. Easy to bring with you anywhere. Easy to share to your loved ones. Longer life without preservative.


Tea lovers always prefer loose leaf tea. Because it is the best choice. In case of herbal tea, especially tropical herbal tea, the herbs themselves are already exotic. We don't want to see you are frustrating measuring how much you should put loose leaf tropical herbal tea for a brew. Therefor, we finish the blend into tea bag. So the frustration could not occur. Spare your time and mind for something else that matter to you.

Made of Tropical Herbs

After studied and experiments, we determined to have the tea made from tropical herbs only. Since, more than two thirds of the world's biodiversity resides in tropical regions, providing important ecosystem functions and services at global and local levels. The tea from tropical herbs would also be the most effective kind of tea that solve urban sickness as we address about.

Furthermore, probably the most imperative reason is that the countries in tropical zone are mostly developing countries. When we harvest tropical herbs for our tea, we automatically create works for people in the area. Our products must make everyone happy and have a better life. The farmer is not an exception.

Design Focus

Without state differently, herbal tea could has an image of boring, old fashion, or "not for me" to many people. It is essential for us to communicate to our dear urban people that, now there is a herbal tea brand which mindfully designed for you.


Your urban lifestyle is at the center of our design thinking. For instance, as mentioned in above paragraph, why we design it to be a tea, and why tea bag not loose leaf tea. (Read further to see more outcome of design thinking in other aspects.)

The package is the first touch point. Therefor, we carefully design each element; graphic, icons, font, colour, and box dimension. Copywriting did lots of experiment to ensure words and language we use will speak directly to you.

The sachet is made of 3 layers of high quality material that not compromise your tea freshness and expiry duration. 30% thicker than average tea sachet in the market. Sachet's dimension and design had been debated for longest hours: which size, what information should be in or out, where the v-cut (a tiny cut where you tear open a sachet) should be placed.

We do concern about time you spending to immerse (steep) a cup of tea. You are busy, and herbal tea take longer time to infuse than caffeine tea. So we must optimise our tea bag and grounded herbs size to save your time and still deliver aromatic dense taste tea. Put this into our mind, we perform countless of experiences on types of material, size of tea bag, size of ground herbs, immerse time. And this is the best tea bag we would offer to you.

We examine and optimise all the tiny details for your best experience. So you feel accustom to have this herbal tea at home, place it on your desk or shelf with proud.

Mobile Assistant

Urban people love convenience. We do really well aware. Since our herbal tea have different immerse times (steep time), and definitely you wouldn't want to remember what timing for which tea. Therefore, we build a tea brew app, which would help you timing your perfect cup of herbal tea.

Moreover, you also can purchase more of your favorite teas, or subscribe to a package right from the app as well.

Herbal Tea Music

The herbal tea must represent every sense of relaxation. Audio aesthetics is not an exception. A Lofi Chillhop album is carefully crafted for your pleasure, either while waiting for your brew or while you are sipping it. This herbal tea music is a collaboration work with Complex Routine who has a handful albums/EPs in electronic music genre.

Lofi Chillhop / Lofi Hip Hop / Jazzhop style have been chosen, since it has a rather short duration for a song, and easy to digest melody. A song will end before you start to grow bore on it.

That's how we put your urban lifestyle in mind and craft a tea out of it.

If you found any aspect of an urban life a tea could possible cover, feel free to let us know.

We and our tea are here to favour you.

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