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Hi There,

I'm Herbal Tea Nerd. I'll be your herbal tea buddy. This is my first post and because I'm a shy person, so there's not much to talk about. Hmm. awkward...

Ok, let's do this.

Organic vs Non-organic farming

I got a change to visit our organic herbal tea plantation, in Chiang Mai Thailand. The organic farming activities looks exhausted. Since, most of works would need human efforts. Right, all chemical substances are forbidden.

Below is the photo of villagers get rid of weeds (The unwanted plants, not that 'weed') among lemongrass.

Villagers get rid of weeds from lemongrass.

In non-organic farming, this trouble is easily handling by spray pesticide all over the place. One spray can be effect for 1-2 weeks, depends on types of pesticide. But for organic herbal tea farming as ours, villagers must do this job everyday.

Effort and cost are totally huge different.

One of the many good things is that no one in our tea chain (similar to food chain?) needs to touch or consume the leftover chemical substance. And I can tell, this organic farming is exactly the same way our ancestors used to do farming in their time.

Sip Well ☕

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