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How A Tropical Herbal Tea Can Fit Into Your Urban Life

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is definitely one of an inevitable mega trends. Emerging countries have their cities urbanised; China, India, Brazil, Ukraine, Vietnam, Thailand, and so on - to provide a better quality of life to their citizen. Recently, OPPEIN - Chinese based home furniture service, has released a video ad for Chinese New Year 2019. See it below.

Obviously, the film shows us how wonderful it would be if a town is getting urbanised: family members will be closer and have more chances to take care of each other. I personally captivated by this film itself.

Downside of Urban life

We love urban life - it's (almost) perfect. Yet, everyone knows that nothing come with a price. Urban life can be safe and convenient. But, let be frank, we'd live in pollution. In city, pollution comes in every form, affects you physically and emotionally; noise, air quality, careless people, crowd places. Not many cities pass-through this phase. Emerging cities still have to thrive on. Also working in city and be challenging. Long hours in office, stressful situations, high targets, tough colleagues, such and such. That's our expense of living in urban.

Tropical Herbal Tea That Born Urban

People in Tropical Green Line also are urban by native. We suffer those urban downside as much as you do, if not more. So we came up with a line of products called immersé tea (The long story will be telling you later). Here come the "URBAN ELIXIR" concept, which aims to be the undeniable choice of drink that would ease urban toxin, restore the balance to this busy life. And it must speak urban language to urban people. Meaning, the drink must be designed to answer your urban lifestyle, without compromise.

In Tea Bag

This drink must be in form of tea. Since you can store easily compare to ready-to-drink (RTD) bottle. Lighter weight. Easy to bring with you anywhere. Easy to share to your loved ones. Longer life without preservative. Tea lovers always prefer loose leaf tea. Because it is the best choice. In case of herbal tea, especially tropical herbal tea, the herbs themselves are already exotic. We don't want to see you are frustrating measuring how much you should put loose leaf tropical herbal tea for a brew. Therefor, we finish the blend into tea bag. So the frustration could not occur. Spare your time and mind for something else that matter to you.

Made of Tropical Herbs

After studied and experiments, we decided to have the tea made from tropical herbs only. Since, more than two thirds of the world's biodiversity resides in tropical regions, providing important ecosystem functions and services at global and local levels. The tea from tropical herbs would also be the most effective kind of tea that solve urban sickness as we address about.

Mobile Assistant

Urban people love convenience. We do really well aware. Since our herbal tea have different immerse times (steep time), and definitely you wouldn't want to remember what timing for which tea. Therefore, we build a tea brew app, which would help you timing your perfect cup of herbal tea.

Herbal Tea Music

The herbal tea must represent every sense of relaxation. Audio aesthetics is not an exception. A chillout album is carefully crafted for your pleasure, either while waiting for your brew or while you are sipping it. This herbal tea music is a collaboration work with Complex Routine who has a handful albums/EPs in electronic music genre.


The package is the first touch point. Therefor, we mindfully design each element; graphic, icons, font, color, and dimension for you to grab the tea box, bring it home, place it on your desk or shelf with proud.

That's how two different agendas such as Urban life and Herbal tea fit together.

Enjoy your urban life and take care ones you love.

Sip Well ☕





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