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Hibiscus Tea VS Roselle Tea (infographic)

Apparently, there is a confusion around the internet and herbal tea community about Hibiscus Tea and Roselle Tea. Most of tea lovers understand those are the same. Even Google thinks that these 2 terms are interchangeable.

Google thinks Hibiscus and Roselle are the same herbs

When search "roselle tea", Google shows results of Hibiscus tea. Actually, the whole page provides hibiscus tea search results.

This indicates that people and sites that have "authority" enough to explain about hibiscus tea and roselle tea might have mistaken these 2 herbs.

You may also have found this confusion in blogs and other communities by yourself before. Now, let's see below chart, how Hibiscus tea and Roselle tea are different.

Infographic - Hibiscus Tea VS Roselle Tea

Hibiscus Tea ≠ Roselle Tea

The Blooms

The booms are different. Hibiscus has thin and fragile petals, while Roselle has thick and strong petals. Hibiscus is usually seen as in florescent. Roselle is usually seen as in budding.

Scientific Classification

Both are in Genus: Hibiscus, but our "Hibiscus" is in species: Hibiscus rosa-sinensis, while our "Roselle" is in species: Hibiscus sabdariffa.


Both seems to have similar taste characteristic; berry like tangy / tart.

Tea Color

Both seems to have similar tea color as well; ruby like. However, Roselle tea can be infused in deeper ruby red in some case.

Health Benefit

According to "Complete List of Herbal Tea Benefit (2019)" Both tea play different parts to taking care of our health.

Hibiscus Tea health benefits:

  • Contain high antioxidants

  • Lower blood pressure

  • Lower blood fat levels

  • Boost liver health

  • Promote weight loss

Roselle Tea health benefits:

  • Maintains healthy teeth and gums

  • Promotes healthy pregnancy

  • Treats common cold

  • Prevents constipation

  • Removes muscle weakness, numbness, and fatigue

I personally not quite surprise seeing herbal tea community have mistaken these 2 herbs. Since they are foreign herbs to most of tea lovers. They both are tropical herbs and probably still not that famous yet. Fortunately, the place that I'm living inhabit both hibiscus and roselle. And people are familiar with them since the ancient time.

Hopefully, this article and the infographic would help our herbal tea communities, at least, a little bit better.

Sip Well ☕

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