• Michael Wen

Now Google Can Help You Brew A Cup Of immersé tea

What if you have a plan to do something else while brewing your tea?

Reading a book, talk to your friends, or be abstracted?

You might don't want to keep tracking whether the tea is ready yet.

Now it's easy. Tell Google to do the timing for you.

Now you can ask Google Assistant to brew immersé tea

Google Home / Google Assistant

You don't need to install any application. You just need Google Home, or Google Assistant on your mobile.

After pour boiled water into your cup with an immersé teabag in it.

Then begin the talking.

You: "Hey Google, Talk to immerse tea."

Google Assistant: "It's me. Which brew do you feel like now?"

You: "Morning Booster"

Google Assistant: "Sure, Sit and chill for 4 minutes and 51 seconds. I will let you know when your tea is ready."

4 minutes and 51 seconds passed.

Google Assistant: "Ding ding ding ding, Enjoy your cuppa!"

That's it. Brewing a cup of tea could have never been easier than now.

A small gift for our immersé tea fans from our team.

Enjoy your cuppa!

Sip Well.

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