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If you are interested to purchasing immersé tea, organic tropical herbal tea, in bulk, big lot, either for resell or serve in your cafe/restaurant, feel free to drop us a mail at, or simply use the form below. We'll get back to you the soonest we can.

Our herbal tea also ready for made to order. We can supply you in tea bags, sachets, zip-lock package, box, or dozen. Purchasing organic tropical herbal tea in bulk could be difficult to imagine how the tea look/smell/taste like - feel free to drop us a message below to request for samples. So you could experience our herbal tea before make a further decision. Don't worry, all the shipping cost is on us too.

In case you have landed here as the first page and have no idea of what kind of tea we are offering, please click SHOP HERBAL TEA to learn more about our herbal tea. And come back here to request your samples.

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