Organic Herbal Tea

Why it is important for us to serve herbal tea to you in organic standard?

Let's understand it together.

What does “organic” mean?

The term “organic” refers to the way agricultural products are grown and processed. Actually, it is the very way our ancestors had been done before chemical introduced to our world.

While the regulations vary from country to country, in the U.S., organic crops must be grown without the use of synthetic pesticides, bio-engineered genes (GMOs), petroleum-based fertilizers, and sewage sludge-based fertilizers.

For instance, in case of herbs and any crops: Fertilizers must be natural such as manure or compost. Weed control is done naturally (hand weeding, crop rotation, mulching, and tilling). Pest control by using natural methods (birds, insects, traps) and naturally-derived pesticides (Effective Microorganisms, Fermented Bio-extracts, Enzyme Ionic Plasma).

Organic is really good for us or just another gimmick?

According to studies, organic foods may have higher nutritional value than conventional food. In the absence of synthetic pesticides and chemical fertilizers, plants boost their production of the phytochemicals (vitamins and antioxidants) that strengthen their resistance to bugs and weeds. 

Some studies even have linked synthetic pesticides in our food to everything from headaches, to birth defects, to cancer.

Additionally, crops grown organically prevent farmers and workers in whole supply chain to touch or intake herbicides and pesticides. Restrain toxins out of the air and out of the water cycle.

These are just a few examples to demonstrate how "organic" farming and crops benefit everyone in the ecosystem.

Your Organic Herbal Tea

We start in Thailand, which fortunately, we can fully collaborate with our partners' crops to grow organic herbs for your tea. It is our determination to keep serve you in organic, even by the time we source more foreign herbs from after tropical countries.

We are proudly to let you know that, our organic herbs successfully acquire USDA standard and EU Organic Standard through OneCert.

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