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New Herbal Tea 2019
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If you are someone who ever thought that tea/herbal tea is a little far away from yourself, hard to understand, and full of jargon. There herbal teas are here for you!

​The debut of immersé tea's first collection.

On the left is Morning Booster (Roselle and Ginger tea). At the middle is City Calmer (Bael Fruit tea). And on the right is Bedtime Story (Lemongrass and Pandan tea)

Herbal Tea

Designed For You

immersé tea creation begins every process by having you at the center. Every immersé tea has a purpose of helping solve the unbalanced lifestyle you're facing right now.

Below is the first collection, includes 3 types of tropical herbal teas which designed to escort you for entire day: give you freshness in the morning (Morning Booster), relax your nerve after been through a hectic day (City Calmer), and help you gain a tight sleep (Bedtime Story)


Morning Booster

Roselle x Ginger Tea

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Roselle and Ginger tea - Introduction of Morning Booster (a caffiene-free tea helps you wake up fresh), immersé tea

Prepare your day Caffeine-Free

Everyone wants a kick start in the morning. Traditionally, we​ have caffeine drinks to do the job. But as science grows, now we know that caffeine has unpleasant side effects.

What if you can get fresh without a touch of caffeine? (Of course, not as impetuously as by caffeine dopes) Wouldn't you give it a try?

Treat your body with herbs

Morning Booster is designed to give you a fresh wake up. It is a combination of roselle and ginger. As is a caffeine-free drink, you may have it at any time you want without being afraid of insomnia.

Redesign The Herbal Tea

No more old school image for people who drink herbal tea. immersé tea refreshes the image by carefully designs every part of the tea experience, to be modern and well fit in you urban lifestyle.

Design of the tea box inspired by a perfume packaging. (If you can guess which perfume, let us know ;) Covered with a graphic of mountains at the dawn. Information at sides of the box includes ingredient, country of origin, taste and mood infographic, ways to contact us, Google Play Store, and Spotify Code (curious? read on)

Extra Care on Sachet

Urban people spare no time for inconvenient stuffs. If you love your tea, you should be able to bring your tea with you everywhere, without carrying a half of dozen more of tea gears just to brew a cup of tea.

immersé tea's sachet is 30% thicker than regular tea sachets in the market. Ensuring that it will contain the freshness and aroma until you open it. Ready for you to brew or share to whom you care about.

It's The Taste that matters

Roselle gives an exceptional fresh tangy taste. This berry-like flavor would refresh your nerve.

Team-up with round, warm, and slightly spice taste from ginger made this drink perfect for your morning.

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City Calmer

Bael Fruit Tea

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Bael Fruit Tea - Introduction of City Calmer (tea that helps you poop), immersé tea

Not Everybody Live Without Stress

Urban people live with stress, less or more. It's the lifestyle itself that pushes us into an urgency, busy, noisy world. Whether you aware of it or not, your mind and body becomes stressful already.

herbal Tea Originates from Tropical Zone

Beside being caffeine-free tea, we allow our tea to be made from tropical herb ingredients only. This batch, organically grown in Chiang Mai, Thailand. The best place to grown herbs in the country.

City Calmer facilitates bael fruit to help you handle stress properly. Aromatic scent of Bael fruit will relax your nerve. This tea is good at relieve consequences that come after stress such as digestive disorder and constipation.

Redesign The Herbal Tea

immersé tea's redesign mission is not stop at the packing design, also the brand experience and accessories around the tea. We have to ensure that we are creating a herbal tea brand for urban people.

City Calmer box is wrapped with a graphic of a city at dusk. Reflex the time that we are allowed to go home after work entire day. It's indeed the time for you to relax.

Brew Easily with immerse tea App

Brew a perfect cup of tea is not so difficult when you have an assistance.

immersé tea provides an app that helps you brew by timing the session after you pour-in boiled water in to you cup. In the meanwhile, enjoy listening to herbal tea music we pack in the app.

At the time being, the app is available for Android devices only.

It's The Taste that matters

Bael fruit gives an aroma and exotic taste. Round and smooth, medium body.


To emphasize the flavor of bael fruit, tiny dash of stevia and pandan were in. Slightly sweet and a kiss of pandan will make you want to sip the herbal tea more and more.

(Stevia gives sweet taste without sugar or calorie.)

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Bedtime Story

Lemongrass x Pandan Tea

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Lemongrass and Pandan Tea - Introduction of Bedtime Story (tea that helps you sleep), immersé tea

Our Energy Comes From a Good Sleep

You cannot be a high performance person unless you have a good quality sleep. Continuous low quality sleeps could even affect your mental health; anxious, indecisive, paranoid, and more.

Say goodbye to caffeine drinks is a good start. Then you would need a helping hand to induce quality sleeps.

Treat your body with herbs

Lemongrass is famous for many reasons, one of them is the ability of relaxing our nerve. After you chase away stress in your mind, your body is ready for a deep slumber.

Pandan also has its name for relieving insomnia. Prepare you for a good night sleep and be ready for the next day.

Redesign The Herbal Tea

Bedtime Story box is painted by a graphic of northern light in a night sky full of stars. Sending you to bed without any unnecessary thought. (When it's the time for bed, any thought is unnecessary, true?)

We are living in a noisy world. immersé tea designs the ambient of sipping tea for you too.

Even more Relax With Herbal Tea Music

Urban people like you sometime need to cut off the outside world and stay with yourself.

While you are sipping immersé tea, put on your headphones and tune to "Time for Tea" album in Spotify (or in immersé tea app). Close your eyes, enjoy your tea and music. Gain back your consciousness for a few minutes before head back to continue your noisy world.

"Time for Tea" album dedicate to this urban herbal tea collection. You may also scan Spotify Code at the side of the box to access to the music as well.

It's The Taste that matters

Lemongrass has no sour taste like in its name. It has bright, high note, a bit grassy, and aromatic.

Pandan offers round, smooth and light body. A tiny portion of stevia was dashed in to make the blend even more rounder and to stimulate the flavor of both herbs.

(Stevia gives sweet taste without sugar or calorie.)

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What Urban People Talk About Us?

Let's hear some of our early customers give feedback after they have tried immersé tea.

Cuppa Geek

Tea Blogger

I am quite delighted in this delicious mix of roselle and ginger. I’m really impressed with this tea. The packaging is gorgeous, the attention to detail is spot on, and the price is right.


Director of Business Development

City calmer is a smooth and soft tea that is easy to drink; bringing relaxation to any busy and stressful work day. Its aroma helps one to remain and refocus energy.


Business Planner

Bedtime Story is flavorful and aromatic. Remind me to the time when I visit Thailand. I drink the tea every evening after dinner, help me sleep much better recently. Love it. Next one, I'll try Morning Booster.

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