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Complex Routine - Time for Tea (Spotify)

Finest blend of herbal tea must be sipped with finest music. immerse tea knows that this fact cannot be ignored. Therefore, we have collaborated with an electronic music producer "Complex Routine" for a Lofi Chillhop album, called "Time for Tea".

Lofi Chillhop / Lofi Hip Hop / Jazzhop have been in the air for a while. And we reckon it's suitable for our tropical herbal tea drinkers. The artist has a footprint on idm/glitch sort of music. He also is a tea lover. While he produced this album, he drank immerse tea instead of water. So he could interpret the tea drinking experience into music properly.

This album is available on Spotify and Bandcamp. It's also featured in our tea brew app 'immerse tea'. So you can enjoy the music while waiting for the tea to be ready.

We embed a Spotify player in this page too. Feel free to check it out and let us know if you're looking for other kind of music for our next set of tunes.

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About "Time for Tea" Album

If you are looking for background music that you could play along. Not too cliche, not too chessy. Try this album. Some people call this genre "Lofi Hip Hop", "Chillhop", or "Jazzhop". (With a few different spellings like; lofi hiphop, lofee hiphop, chil hop, jazz hop.)

Songs in this "Time for Tea" album are rather short, contain simple melody. They are designed to hook and stuck in your head for a few days. Result is that you will feel relax, calm, and more focusing. 

The best way to utilize this chillhop album is to listen while sipping a cup of tea. Well, to be more precise, they do great pair with herbal tea. Because, let's be frank, coffee is not for calm and relax. but herbal tea and tea are.

As an album intentionally made for urban people. Each song has its own concept of urban life. (See each songs detail below). So, there are ambient / vinyl noise in every track. The noise will reflect the urban life concept of the track.

Moreover, to treat urban people properly. This album mastered for mobile phone speakers too. Which mean, for urbanist like us to listen to music, this "Time for Tea" album will sound great on your mobile phone speakers, earphones, portable speakers, car speakers, or home sound system.

The reason that we set this album price lower than industry's standard is because, we would like you to have a set of good background music in your phone and your home with lesser effort.

Everyone deserves nice music. And if you have not yet, try herbal tea. Let's be calm to ourselves, shall we?

Songs Info

Start the whole session by giving yourself a break. Break from the busy hectic urban daily life. Stay clam, enjoy the tune and the rests to come. 
This is a lofi hip hop track. Some people might call it chillhop. Whatsoever, just relax and find a cup of tea to sip along.

new dining:
Let's find ourselves a new place to dine. Good vibes always make things better.
If you cannot do it very soon, just enjoy this lofi hiphop track. (Some people might call it chillhop.) Warning: the ambient noise in the track might make you hungry. Don't forget to find a cup of tea to sip along.

Market is one of ways for urbanists like us to recall something more human. The market noise in this track captured from the old town square in Prague. (I bet the market at your neighbor would make not much different noise.)
Go out hit a market, talk to people, talk to strangers. Share them this lofi hip hop song. The song that makes you meet your new friends. Ask them to have a cup of tea.

Who can avoid advertisement? Who don't feel annoy? Let's mimic the inevitable. 
This track used a simple riff that would stuck in your head for a few hours or days. Similar to ads, right? While the ads keep the world rolling, let's ignore them. Put on your earphone and listen to this lofi hip hop track. It might sound lesser hiphop. So, call it chillhop if you like.

KPI is another annoying thing and can be pain in the arsh. So this track would sound a little upbeat, to catch up your hear rate when you heard the word "KPI"
Hopefully, this chill hop track would ease you a bit. Rest your heart, put down coffee. Grab a cup of tea, and relax with this song together.

Everyone likes puppy. They'd cheer up your days and expel the loneliness away. The track is about puppy, cheerful and bright. It uses waltz style. So some of us might not familiar with the time signature of 3/4. Give it a few tries, when your finger tips along, you'll like it ;)
Definitely, no one should call it lofi hip hop. Lofi Waltz, may be? Doesn't matter. Your tea is ready? Let's roll.

No urban life completed without experiencing a cafe. This track made for being an ambient in cafe. Not just typical cafe songs. 
Next time you hit a cafe, order a cup of tea. No need to rush your heart all the time. If there is, try herbal tea -- there you go, real good vibe. 
Tell the cafe to play this song over the place, and see how your friend and other guests would respond to this jazzhop / chillhop.

Instead of reading books, now we're reading feeds. Both are common in aspect of other people's life and opinions.
Listen to this track while you're reading. Either books or feeds. Lofi hip hop, chill hop music is made to help us concentrate anyway. And don't forget your cup of tea.

These days we all get nostalgia. Maybe the world turns too fast? Or we care lesser of each other - so we recall those days that, we still have something really care about? Of course, no one minds the fact. The cure is no need, just give us some bandage. 
There you go, this lofi hip hop track offers you an old time melody. Play it in background and sip some tea.

Another track in this album that could make you hungry sooner than usual. The ambient noise sampled from a ramen restaurant.
Believe it or not, ramen and lofi hip hop can pair really well. Try put this track on your ear phone and have a bowl of ramen. Let's see.

In cities, train is the most convenient transportation. The bell sound in this track will recall us the notification bell before an announcement in train stations begins. 
Wandering in a train station, put this chillhop track on. Get through the hectic crowd. Find a good spot and watch people running around.

Either you stuck in a car, or a bus, or stay home. Raining noise always clam us down. Look out through window. Enjoy the rain drops. 
Chillhop music is good for both concentration and distraction. Don't you think so?


After long hard work, we's need to have some free time to ourselves. To aboard, meet new people, eat new food, try new tea. We need to recharge and comeback to fight for more. This is our urban life. This chillhop track gives you a theme of taking on an airplane. Ready to fly a way to new land. 


Finally, you are free. You have your freedom, do whatever you want. No one will judge you. Be a stranger to a stranger. Leave all burden behind. It's time to rest and relax. This chilhop tune is the last and most complex track in the album "Time for Tea". Its melody meant to fly away with you in your freedom. And it should be the track that you will mostly repeat during your vacation ;)

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