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How does immersé tea different from other herbal tea?

We do focus on addressing what is urban people's sickness that in concern. Then we find a solution by using organic tropical herbs alchemy. Pack the Solution into tea form. Ship to those who need the solution. We start with your concerns at our hearts -- That makes us different.

Do immersé tea herbal ingredients come from tropical area only?

Yes, that's correct. Every ounce of immersé tea grows in tropical area. (Some herbs might sound familiar to you. Since they have been famous for a long while and people found ways to grow them outside the tropical area.) Anyhow, we assure to you that you are sipping authentic herbal tea from its original soil.

What are payment method can I pay?

With your most security in our mind, Paypal is provided as our major payment method. Credit Card is also accepted as usual. If you do prefer to pay with other methods, please get in touch. We will surely sort that out for you. Read more about Payment Method.

Can I return/refund something if I found that I don't like it?

Of course, for your best tea experience, we do accept returns. The first thing you should do is contact us to see if there's anything else we can do to help. You will need to arrange to ship back the item at your own expense. It's highly suggested to use a tracked delivery service just in case anything goes wrong. Once we receive your item, we will contact you and proceed with an exchange or refund, whichever has been agreed within 3 business days. Your refund amount would be back to you on the same method you chose to paid on your order, unless agreed otherwise.

Return Address:

Tropical Green Line Co.

7, Soi Phetkasame 39/4, Bangkhae, Bangkok, 10160, Thailand.

Do you ship outside Thailand?

Certainly, that's one of our jobs to ship worldwide. We'll be more than happy to serve you right to your cup at home / at work. Find out more about shipping info.

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