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"immersé" is an organic Thai herbal tea brand operated by Tropical Green Line Co. We gather a bunch of nerds who fascinated in the wonderful goodness of tropical biodiversity. We always handpick specific herbal ingredients which contain awesome quality and process it into tea. Then, we spread out of the tropical area. So people around the world would be able to enjoy this organic tropical herbal tea.

immerse tea carries the concept of URBAN ELIXIR.


- Created by urban natives, to solve urban sickness, for urban people -

In a nutshell, Tropical Green Line Co. is extremely focusing on finding urban sicknesses (the unbalanced health issues which caused from living an urban lifestyle). And develop solutions by utilizing tropical herbs byproduct only.

Because, as everyone knows, urban lifestyle could be very busy in one day. And someday could be even too crazy to handle. Therefore, we are here to offer calm, peaceful, balance, and inner energy to you - help you to move forward.

We also have other tropical herb product categories in our pipeline. To cover every aspect in urban lifestyle. But one thing at a time. Today, we will have to focus on deliver immerse tea to your first.

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Check below sections to find out more of our principles; what distinguish immersé tea from the others.

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